Division 3 Saturday League

June 8, 2019 @ 2:30 pm – 5:00 pm
Triangle Table Tennis
2900 Perimeter Park Drive Suite 200 Morrisville NC 27560

Division 3 League Pricing
$150 – non-members, full 12-week season
$90 – basic membership, full 12-week season
$80 – premium membership, full 12-week season
$15 daily league fee – based on availability (league capped at 27 participants)

League Rules & Procedures
• 27 player cap
• Play is round robin format, best 3 out of 5 games per match
• Players will be ranked by a rating points system using the same formula as the USATT rating
system. However, club league rating will not affect USATT rating
• Players will start with their most current league rating. If no league rating is available, the most
recent USATT tournament rating will be used. If a player has neither a club league rating nor a
USATT tournament rating, the league director will establish the player’s initial estimated rating
after matches are played with other league participants
• Every week, players will be divided into groups (e.g. Group A, Group B, Group C) based on
League rating
o Occasionally, sorting groups by league rating may not sufficiently shuffle enough players
up and down. When this happens, 1-3 players who earn the most match points in every
group other than ‘A’ may earn a promotion to the next group for the next week. This
means they would advance a group even though their rating did not increase enough to
reach the next group
• Top 4 players in A group must play each other each week to avoid penalty
• 4-match minimum each night – each match less than 4 incurs an 8 rating point penalty and one
match loss
• 7-match maximum each night
• Cross-over matches are allowed only AFTER you have played everyone in your group and only
if you have played less than 7 matches
o Cross-over matches will count for rating points and match percentage
o Cross-overs are only allowed into the next adjoining group. For instance, a “C” Group
player can play a “B” Group player, but not an “A” Group player
o All cross-over matches must be pre-approved by the League Director
• Absences will not affect your rating, but may make it difficult for you to reach the minimum
required matches to be eligible for prizes (see below)
• A minimum of 55 matches must be played to be eligible to claim prizes
• Prizes will be awarded to the top 3 league ratings AND the top 3 league match percentages
o Players who register for multiple leagues in a single season can claim prizes from one
league only (the league in which they placed the highest)
o Prize categories and amounts are subject to change based on enrollments
• The League overall winner (based on highest Match Percentage) may get an invitation to the
next higher league. This decision will be based on the quality of league play and a coach

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